Love Makes a Family
Polyamory Curriculum

UUPA is pleased to announce the introduction of a new curriculum on polyamory, called Love Makes a Family, which is now available on CD as a package together with its companion book, What Does Polyamory Look Like?, for those who agree to send UUPA a donation of $30.00. The companion book is available separately for a donation of $20.00.

To obtain your copy of the curriculum package or companion book, visit the online curriculum form, or or contact UUPA to arrange an offline donation.

Mim Chapman, PhD authored this curriculum, designing it for congregations and religious professionals. The curriculum includes:
  • Leaders Packet
  • Set of images for use as handouts or posters
  • Handout Packet

What Does Polyamory Look Like? is a companion book that accompanies the curriculum as a resource to provide more comprehensive information about polyamory for curriculum leaders. This companion book is also authored by Mim Chapman, the author of the Love Makes a Family curriculum.

UUPA is interested in opportunities to field test the curriculum with congregations or leadership events. Contact the author, Mim Chapman, for more information about field testing.


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This page last updated: September 27, 2013